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A Quick Roundup

Hey guys, just taking a bit of a pit stop here today to catch you up on things going on in our world:

— We recently designed a site for Beehive’s rainBOPS rain boots. Go HERE to check it out

— Our videographer and photographer Matt Lange was recently mentioned on an episode of Kelby TV (Scott Kelby’s online show). Check that out HERE.

— Courtney & Sean’s Geico spoof video they shot on their own time to hype last week’s Arkansas vs. LSU game has garnered over 111,000 views as of yesterday. Check that out HERE.

All in all, we’re cranking out website after website and adding more clients as the days go by. It’s an exciting time to be a designer.

Video on Your Site

One common obstacle you see from businesses is they want a commercial but they don’t want to pay the expensive cost of running it on TV. Well, no offense, but that’s for your old man. Today, the Internet has leveled the playing field. You can promote your site with a video on your own website and social media sites like YouTube and Facebook…for free.

Not only are videos a great promotion tool, but they make your site more interesting and can sum up your product for for first time visitors. An example of using video on a website is the recent design we did for Beehive’s rainBOPS rain boots. Their site prominently features a video and then lists the types of boots available.

The site is simple and user friendly. The key there is the video — it speaks for the site and lets the visitor get down to shopping.

So if you’ve been looking at a video for your business but are afraid of costs, don’t be. A high quality video can put you in front of millions of viewers for free.

Flip Flop Hanger Video

We did this fun little video for Beehive here in Ruston. We designed a website for their Flip Flop Hanger, that went live Wednesday, we also shot a video to go along with it showing the product’s versatility and how much space it can save. This use of video on websites is a perfect example of how you can use video on your site to promote your product and brand without having to pay for commercials on TV. Great thing about the Internet is it’s free!

Check out the video below:

Football Season Never Ends

As you count down the seconds until the 2010 football season (literally) kicks off, we’re already thinking about what the 2011 season will hold. See, around our studio, football runs all year long thanks to our work on promotional materials for Louisiana Tech.

This season is brining High Octane Football to Tech.

If we’re not watching the games at Joe Aillet Stadium, then we’re getting videos together for Dawgzilla, designing schedule cards, making posters and laying out the all-encompassing media guide. Courtney has been slaving over this year’s guide since March. Matt just finished the player line-ups and some hype videos that will get everybody’s hands in the air during Coach Sonny Dykes’ first season.

When the whistle blows Sept. 2, we will already be sitting around dreaming about what we can do for next year. And you know what? We can’t wait for it to get underway.

In other news, we’re brainstorming new and exciting ideas to help further what we can do for our business and other businesses in the area. Most of what we’re focusing on is keeping the same creativity everyone has come to expect from DBD, just getting even better at what we do.

It’s exciting times. We’re ready to churn out all the projects we have lined up. And we just finished a killer site for Ruston Body Works. Click on the link and let us know what you think in the comments section.


Some of those aforementioned projects include a commercial for Louisiana Tech. It’s similar to the previous commercial, we’re just throwing in some different elements and presenting it in a slightly different manner. I’d like to say more about that, and another potential commercial, but I think I might get sniped for my big mouth. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of dodging bullets while working.

Daniel is working on a redesign for bestofbeehive.com that looks very modern and still keeps the fun, playful atmosphere Beehive is known for.  We also got the Best of Beehive Blog up and running. Now you can go check it out for fashion advice (if that’s your thing).


That’s an update live from downtown Ruston. If you don’t already, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop.

And, as always, have a great weekend!