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We recently went live with two sites: Dr. Norm Thompson Family Dentistry & American Stat Care Centers. We enjoyed being able to use our creativity and polish that is required when it comes to the medical industry. Visit Dr. Thompson’s site HERE, while ASCC is over HERE. Check them out below:

The Best Get Better

It’s no secret we do great work here, BUT the best aren’t satisfied with today, they get better for tomorrow.

That’s why we’re expanding our web services to include more in-depth site creation with the hiring of a web developer and offering special web packages. This means we can now offer clients websites with in-house hosting, custom programming features, and special programming while giving businesses the most bang for their buck.

We recognize this growth is a direct result of our web portfolio and the need among businesses for quality websites. That is why we wanted our clients to be the first to know about our new capabilities.

If you’re ready to upgrade or to make your web dreams come true, then give us a call. Don’t be shy. We’re always taking orders.

A Quick Roundup

Hey guys, just taking a bit of a pit stop here today to catch you up on things going on in our world:

— We recently designed a site for Beehive’s rainBOPS rain boots. Go HERE to check it out

— Our videographer and photographer Matt Lange was recently mentioned on an episode of Kelby TV (Scott Kelby’s online show). Check that out HERE.

— Courtney & Sean’s Geico spoof video they shot on their own time to hype last week’s Arkansas vs. LSU game has garnered over 111,000 views as of yesterday. Check that out HERE.

All in all, we’re cranking out website after website and adding more clients as the days go by. It’s an exciting time to be a designer.

Websites Fresh Out of the Oven

Here’s some websites we did for Ruston Brick and Chemical Dynamics. Check them out here and here and here. More are on the way, just haven’t gone live yet. Check back later to see what else we got going on.