Introducing Our New Website

Donnie Bell Design is turning 10 years old this summer, and this is our 3rd website launch. Are we crazy? Maybe. But the one thing we care about more than anything is doing quality work for clients who value what we do. We understand that working with a studio such as ours requires a commitment – both in time and money. So it’s important that we’re always showing our value, and continually keeping the visualization of that value current.

Working on Your Own Brand is Hard. Really Hard.

The silver lining is that by doing so, we have more empathy for our clients as they go through the process. We realize it’s tough to determine market verticals, to write case studies, to gather photography, and track down your boss’s bio for the About page. Going through this process also forces us to sit down and think about operations, business growth, team structure, positioning, and so much more that rises to the surface as a result of the redesign. Buy me a coffee and I’ll tell you all about it sometime.

So, What Did We Accomplish?

Our new site:

  • features detailed information about all of our capabilities,
  • showcases our enhanced team,
  • highlights areas of specialization, and
  • leads visitors to our favorite projects.

On the visual side, we:

  • stepped away from grid-based layouts,
  • integrated more video and motion and
  • personalized the website as a whole by showcasing our studio and working life.

But Enough About Us.

While it was crucial that our new site reflected the evolved tone and tenor of the Donnie Bell Design team, another objective was to rebuild our site to better satisfy our visitors. We know what our site visitors are looking for and we updated in order to deliver.

Our site is now a treasure trove of our best work, including case studies for those interested in the who, what, when, where, and why of specific projects. Gorgeous photography of our studio, our work, and our team lets our clients who can’t meet us in person get a peek at Donnie Bell Design.

We created a mighty search tool so visitors can dig into the topics that most interest them. We curated content related to our most-searched terms so selecting any topic will produce a variety of case studies, samples of our work, blog posts and other related content.

Let’s Get Deep.

They say content is king. And “they” are never wrong. Donnie Bell Design now features case studies that provide a fuller picture of our featured work. We created “snippets” that are peppered throughout the site, calling out key information about our services, approach, and philosophy.

We share even more of our process through photography, samples of our early stage work, and descriptions of how we approach problem-solving for our clients. Our goal was to create a dynamic, content-rich maze that is fun to browse.

Clean and Lightweight.

We took this opportunity to overhaul our site from top to bottom. Our code is as clean as it can get, add on retina-display quality and faster load times, and the experience as a whole is better than ever.

The entire Donnie Bell Design team contributed to this latest version. We certainly learned a lot in the process and we hope it shows.

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